Nov 19


There is a WINNER in this world, and there is a LOSER. What makes someone a WINNER in life? What makes someone a loser? The difference lies in ATTITUDES, VIEWS and Paradigms.
Usually, sooner or later, you will hear his failure LOSERS BLAME ON OTHERS OR CIRCUMSTANCES. Blame mindset that others or circumstances for his failure is programmed to PARADIGM LOST.

Why? Because it is a fatalistic mindset, that mindset that is out of control, at the mercy of others or state outside themselves. This is the mindset that has given up on its own strength and abilities.

Being WINNERS NEED HARD WORK, PERSEVERANCE and FAITH in yourself. WINNING MINDSET is to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their actions, Continue reading

Nov 19


Someone is nothing but the product of his own mind. What did he think about what he would be like that herself ~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

People who most affect YOUR SUCCESS is actually YOURSELF. You have to develop a POSITIVE MINDSET in the face of everything. Your MINDSET DETERMINE HOW YOU LOOK AND REACTS to the challenges or problems.

The way someone responds to a situation is determined by how to think with. BE POSITIVE MINDED people who consider it a CHALLENGE, and is something to be conquered and overcome.

He will see it as an OPPORTUNITY TO IMPROVE THEMSELVES AND LEARN SOMETHING NEW. He will FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS and not problems. HE WILL NOT GIVE UP EASILY and always trying to find a solution. Continue reading

Nov 19

Biggest Failure is Not Trying

Biggest Failure is Not Trying ~ William Arthur Ward

DESIRE TO KEEP TRYING appear if someone inquisitive and curious. It must be recognized, must not go, because it can lead to things more fatal, and it is even possible you’ll be entered twice on the same abyss, so think POSITIVE IN before moving to calculation more intelligent and creative.

TRY AGAIN better than just THINK WITHOUT ANY EFFORT TO CORRECT THE FAILURE before. I think people will not be confused PASS ROAD THAT NEVER passed first. At least people will be aware of the signs and characteristics of a road or a business that once made him fail, so to TRY NOT TO SCARED ANYMORE. So there is no harm if YOU TRY AND BUSINESS BACK with TARGET LARGER AND MORE DILIGENT. Continue reading

Nov 19

Develop and POTENTIAL FOR LARGE POWER within you

Every person born into this world without any ABILITY. But at birth, every human being has been given GREAT POWER AND POTENTIAL that lies dormant and waiting to be resurrected. Only those who recognize and mobilize all the potential to be able MAKING THINGS WORTHY of their lives.

You are born with tremendous potential that lie dormant within you. Once you awaken, you will be EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE that you never imagined before.

Look at the SUCCESS that is around you. Then, find out how their lives at first. The more you look, the more you will realize that they are SUCCESS and SUCCESS in the beginning is the same as most people.

They are not much different from the others. However, the difference is more people SUCCESS AWARE and celebrants that they HAVE POTENTIAL buried to achieve SUCCESS. Continue reading

Nov 19

Do you have a Great Attitude To Become Leader

Let’s Fix Attitude, Become the Leader, improve relationships with others, then we will be a great business.

Marketing is not what you do to people, it’s what you do for them. Marketing is a service to help people in order to make the best decision.

~ George Silverman ~

Network Marketing is a business that focuses on humans. Our success in this business, especially as it involves a lot of people. We collect 1% of resources of every person to reach 100% of our dreams as well as dreams that we invite to join.

If we go into this business and still struggling with the product, we may still be trapped in the paradigm of Direct Selling (selling a lot of door-to-door) or Multi Level Marketing (looking for some people who are experts selling) and miss the power of networking in the business of Network Marketing ( wear a little, sell a little in very large networks and become leaders in our group, and then print the new leaders).

We must realize that every human being, including ourselves is a unique private and no other, and each one of us wants to be appreciated as individuals. Appreciate is the first step in the effort to build relationships. Continue reading